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1. Meeting, Oct 29 2020

Reviewing existing Chain Agnostic Improvement Proposals (CAIP) which touch on multi-chain assets.

  • CAIP-2 Blockchain ID Specification
    • when interacting with multiple different blockchains, each chain needs a unique identifier
    • the propoosed format has namespaces to be able to group chains which use the same naming standards
    • e.g. all cosmos chain identifiers start with cosmos:, : is the namespace separator
  • CAIP-5 Blockchain Reference for the Cosmos Namespace
    • specifies how names in the cosmos namespace should be formatted
  • CAIP-10 Account ID Specification
    • once a chain is uniquely identified, this standard governs how accounts on these chains are uniquely identified
  • CAIP-19 Asset Type and Asset ID Specification
    • just like accounts, an asset needs also be uniquely identifiable on any given chain
    • Problem: this does not cover assets which move across multiple chains
    • once assets move, the path they take could be very relevant
      • Discussion: add the path to the asset id?

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