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Ninth Meeting: Monday MAR 15 3:00 - 4:00pm UTC



  • Interested in Token denomination
  • Multi-hop assets

Ape Unit / Andrea

  • github chain registry
  • close to complete working version
  • can be executed as a service
  • state of the chain ID
  • were dealing with a race condition
  • 1 week for a PR
  • SDK version dependent?
    • hasn’t tested with latest v0.42.0
    • tested with v0.41?
    • if no breaking changes related to the endpoint
    • using REST endpoints

Asset registry / Antoine

  • Share a PDF
    • not really up to date
    • last update a few months
    • CAIP-19
    • IID
    • Ceramic did an NFT DID that included CAIP-19
  • Feedback
    • ask Keplr
    • @antoine to set up interview with Keplr / internft standard group
    • CAIP-19 versus Internft IID versus Ceramic DID
  • Proposing to always show the origin of an assets and the full path on users demand

  • Billy proposing the idea of asset families, where one asset can have “children” on different chains