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Seventh Meeting: Monday, Feb 1⋅3:00 – 4:00pm UTC, Focus Topic: Blockchain Explorers

Welcome new members

  • Mira from Map of Zones
  • Rick from Vulcanize
    • working on Tendermint / Cosmso for a long time
    • Chain registry with Auctions

Updates from other projects (12 mins)

Chain working Group (Denis)

  • first call was last week
  • adding new chain ids
  • mapping chain id and seednodes and correlating via IBC versus correlating via governance
  • GitHub Issue 100

GitHub Registry

  • testing access rights
  • tmcrawl learnings
  • plan to bring learings back to on-chain registry WG
  • next steps is a tutorial

Map of Zones Mira presenting

Where they’re at now

  • explorer of all the zones with an IBC connection with at least one zone
  • only focus on IBC interactions between zones
  • can only show one hub of tokens
  • showing a single testnet right now (not a lot of activity)
  • Map of Zones 4 node testnet
  • some zones may only focus on outgoing transactions
  • percentage of IBC transactions vcompared to total transactions
  • TBD: What is most interesting to the user
  • number of connections
  • Outsider wants to see: Where can I send my tokens directly from one zone to another
    • I can see there are only 3 options, can use the map of zones to see options as well as paths to a far away zone.
    • Click a spceific zone to reveal more of network topology

Future Direction

  • once multi-hop IBC transfers take place will be better informed
  • making map 3d and with more data
  • What additional metrics for a specific zone
  • topology at large

  • what zones are online, what is their topology, where are the active relayers that one can use (do they do it automatically or not)
  • No incentive at the moment to close channels, find out which relayers are active might be difficult
  • Do we need a relayer registry?
  • Denom might be missing

Who is the primary user?

  • token holder, intersted in looking at where they can hold / send tokens
  • Mira: under active discussion, hard to predict
  • They think right now to focus on the metrics, select one particular zone, more data and stats compared to other zones
  • Where is it connected and where is the zone at?
  • less information abuot standalond and more how it acts
  • also to show new people in the ecosystem how active cosmos is
  • network discovery
    • new zone i haven’t heard of, i want to go and look at it

initial use and values

  • started as a hackatom project (hackatomV) then came game of zones
    • wasn’t an actual leader board
    • focus was on keeping the connection alive (needed to send a particular type of transaction that wasn’t available to the user)
    • phase 2 and 3 were more relevant
      • the most amount of packets (that was a highlight for map of zones)
  • increased expectations on how many zones could be there
  • some people were blocking IPs so data wasn’t correct, reaching out to those people to get a good relationship to track the RPC endpoing
  • What can we do with that dry data and how to surface it to users who are less technical but interested in zones and interactions

Do you see this more as a tool or as a future of how this could developer—for users to trade an asset back to the origin—or more as a tool for developers to better understand what is going on in the network

  • less about token history (right now there isn’t a clear desicn for multi-hop interactions)
    • not clear to track where the token came from
    • hard to figure out that the token went out successfully but failed to come into zone b
    • how do we surface that information to the user
    • tracking token transfers historically
  • for developers
    • i’m a new zone, where do i need to be connected
    • other hubs available, or if my goal is to connect to 3 zones how do i get the best connection there
  • for investors
    • want to see how “connected” that zone is
  • tool to surface information that isn’t otherwise available
  • much easier to tell if a chain-id is legit from looking on map of zones compared to making all of the queries necessary to do the same

Relayer group needed

  • set up a relayer chat on discord or telegram and invite initial group + relevant wallets

Recap & Takeaways (schedule topic specific talks, 10min)

  • Interchain Accounts
    • Keplr / Interchain Berlin
  • Updates from
    • Chain Registry / Auction
  • Block Explorers
    • Confio / IBC Visualizer
  • Asset registry (CASA / Antoine)