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14th Meeting: Monday MAY 25th 3:00 - 4:00pm UTC


  • Cullen - Billy invited to get more involved with IBC related topics get the lay of the land
  • Laura Sauer - gone


  • Andrew
    • Registry
      • Working Demo
      • one outstanding buig peer list only records a single node
      • the person who claimed that chain id would set up their own cron job
      • this could use github actions to set it up
        • only those in the codeownerfile and registry admins / maintainers
    • Asset guide
      • updates to IBC code that allowed article to work completely
      • publishing on cosmos blog, UX WG website
    • Question for Josh
      • how does Keplr do this?
        • not verifying atm

New Topics

  • IBC Asset Registry
    • Denom paths for validators
    • Antoine’s token registry
    • Tip function
      • Keplr API is implementing this
      • specific format of a memo
      • front end tells keplr i woudl like to tip this person this amoutn (as part of the memo)
        • keplr reads this, the memo is used and then keplr standizes a tip interface
        • Relayer fees

Misc topics

  • demo for consensys talk
    • there’s not a good place to find token decimals, icons
    • trust wallet / CAIP
    • the chain registry could verify all tokens on each of the chains
  • Pieter from Confio
    • want to present soon

Next meeting

  • Pieter from Confio
  • Denis from Starport