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Fifth Meeting: Monday, Dec 21⋅3:00 – 4:00pm UTC



  • Chain name service
  • Tendermint Inc / Starport Cloud / Starport Network
  • Interchan Conversations Demo
  • Handy way to launch blockchains
    • Coordinate the creation of the genesis command
  • Uses starport network (
  • Could store information about chains

Could some chain information be on the Hub?

  • Possible upstreaming of chain information SPN -> Hub
  • Hub Minimalism
    • IBC enables scaling hub capabilities outside of the hub
    • Cross chain validation allows hub security
  • SPN could have enough momentum to warrant be canonical location
  • Disadvantage of having it on the hub?
    • Risky, doesn’t allow fast iteration, might take a long time to get there and no guarantee
    • Cosmos vision includes many blockchains so putting every feature on one goes against that vision
  • Pedro
    • Overhead of data on chain might as well be at a place of high discoverability, hub has strong network effects, hub denotes discoverability along with routing
  • Denis
    • Using SPN is also a path towards the hub
    • Test new features on separate networks and aim towards hub after iterative approach
  • Iteration
    • First github, then separate zone, then hub
    • Be wary of competing versions
  • Context of Starname and Chain information
    • Focusing on people and organizations for human readable account address
    • Interested in getting asset id’s configured properly
  • Github solution could use redundancy
    • Radicle approach
    • Gitbackup
    • IPFS

Update on the Registry

Map of Zones

  • Mira Storm
  • maps

Messaging on wallets?

  • Sunny wants to send a message to all delegators of his validator
  • This is more of an interface question—would wallets want to start supporting the memo field better

Chain Agnostic Standard Alliance

Any working examples of cross chain contract call proxying system on top of IBC?