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Eleventh Meeting: Monday APR 12 3:00 - 4:00pm UTC


  • Vanessa from Agoric


  • Chain registry github:
    • Updated to latest sdk version
    • Testing a new version that can check chains periodically
    • Goes beyond seed nodes
    • Open questions: When shall chains be declared as “inactive”, current suggestion 5 re-tries
  • Update tutorial to verify IBC assets:
    • Necessary cosmjs code is present but released yet
    • Client sync status is currently difficult to determine, will probably not be fixed before the release of the tutorial
  • Project Intros:
    • Nass working on a Navigator with a focus on DeFi:
      • Currently focusing on “single-hop” assets
      • Multi-hop assets need to be redeemed
      • Covering tx fees, for redeeming assets is currently an open issue leading to a sub-optimal UX, but there is hope for the next version