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Third Meeting: Monday, November 23⋅3:00 – 4:00pm UTC

Status update on github discoverability progress

New Questions

Priority: Give feedback!

TODO: Automating the checkpoints (cron)?

What does it look like to build a node?

What does it look like to build a relayer with this information?

  • RPC endpoints are needed for statesync
  • In order to enable statesync you need to pass tendermint two RPC endpoints, anyone who wants to run a new node needs to run their own two nodes
  • Small critical mass of RPC endpoints and create a culture of people building RPC endpoints
    • ICF?
    • AiB?
    • Chainapsis?
    • Some Validators
    • Chainlayer => Quicksync
      • Still takes ~12 hours
    • Forbole
    • Figment => DataHub
    • Social pressure + small grants
      • Bounty program for uptime
      • Fixed amount distributed to nodes that are up
      • Automated polling
    • Statesync specific endpoint
      • Need RPC for light client
      • Why don’t we expose / integrate the light client into the P2P layer, then you don’t need RPC for light client or state sync
      • Lean archival node
        • Only runs fast sync, always in fast sync mode, fetches new blocks and exposes RPC and only exposes data from the block store (commit, blockhashes) everything needed for a light client
        • DDoS vectors are still there
    • Minimal Viable Node
      • NGINX config
      • Cheapest plan possible
        • 4GB minimum
        • 2CPUs 8GB Ram
        • 500GB Disk
        • $80-$100/mo
          • GCP (Google Compute)
      • Enable State Sync
    • Easy to run solutions
      • EVENTEVIZE EZ Deploy
      • Validator package manager
    • Node service
      • Ping each node
        • 10 blocks from chain tip
        • 500ms latency
        • How much data is it holding
          • Pruning enabled?
      • Keep track of uptime
        • Rank and pay out top 10—100
    • Tm-crawler
  • People need to regularly run these on cron
    • Find someone from each network to run


  • CODEOWNERS enforcement
  • chainlayer/quicksync — potential user

CAIP issue 27

  • Is it necessary to have a fully automated list of asset verification?
    • Alternatively you just limit views of assets you’ve personally verified
  • Manual or Automated process will need to have access to all relative blockchain RPC endpoints
    • Alternatively it would have to be network by network via communication channels
  • Query verification

Use Case

  • Resolving a chain id
  • Resolving an asset
  • Tied to each other
    • Once you’ve got the asset id you need the chain id
  • User perspective
    • The dapp needs the RPC endpoints
  • Who should be running the RPC
    • Wallet doesn’t have capacity to be infrastructure for various networks
    • Best interest in applications to provide
    • Wallets can bridge these services

Just saw Lunie sunset their infrastructure

  • Can’t sustain running servers

JS light client

  • Still needs RPC endpoints

Compensation for node operators

  • Pay on delivery
  • Pay for storage?
    • IPFS
  • Eth land
    • Celo has something similar already


  • Generic IPFS blockexplorer
  • Convert blocks to IPLD blocks
  • Blockchain specific block explorer based on top of that
  • Generated IPLD data for Cosmos SDK apps