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Fourth Meeting: Monday, Dec 7⋅3:00 – 4:00pm UTC

ApeUnit Stewarding

  • (tba)
  • Reaching out to participants to collect emerging ux challenges

Welcome New Faces

Andrew Chiw

Shaun Conway

James with ApeUnit

  • Communications and marketing

High level priorities

Next steps on registry

  • Concrete tasks
    • Cron
    • tm-crawl
    • Create cosmos repos for further mgt
  • Location
    • If in cosmos, can be automated to be included in chain agnostic registry
      • Recommended by Pedro (?)

Separation of DevX and UX

  • Emerging CosmJS working group as well as dev adoption working group

Discuss extensions ot CAIP 27

  • Contact Pedro and Fede to push this topic forward
  • Multi-query seems to be the way to go

  • Rick scenario
    • Imagine there’s a chain with a fork
    • Who knows what kind of node you need to be running in order to resolve that query
      • Full node? Light node?
    • Abstraction
      • Find what an origin is
        • Hash linked data structure in order to provide verification
      • Assume these all exist at a single endpoint
      • Example: Rick’s chain
        • It’s like iota (no provenance for all assets created)
          • Can’t access this system, needs to be a blockchain or a state channel (hash linked data structure)
        • If we have that structure and all the assets needed to link that hach linked data structure (assuming they all can do this)
        • We have a pool of all checkpoints we’d ever need within our registry
          • Can’t come in if there’s not someone providing checkpoints
          • This is the cron for keeping these in sync
          • Fine to use github as the initial solution
          • Needs more than the automation of a cron job doing this work
          • Find out where the Filecon work is on this topic
    • Question
      • If a denom is being renamed does it break everything?
      • IBC Question
        • Do denom changes cascade?
      • Chain ID is stored on the client side
        • Just needs the validator set

Future topics / projects


  • Multi chain Block explorer


  • Map of zones


  • IBC visualizer


  • Verifiable checkpoints



  • Genesis coordination for onboarding validators

Chainapsis Keplr IBC findings

  • Reach out to Josh
  • Customer view would be helpful

CAIP - Deep Linking

  • Trust Wallet, Starname (Antoine)

New Members

  • UX improvements on Tendermint