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15th Meeting: Monday JUNE 8th 3:00 - 4:00pm UTC


  • Andrew to discuss latest on Registry

Discussion 1:

Registry not just useful for verifying chain identity. It’s also useful to bootstrap new nodes. Especially automated deployment of new nodes.

  • version number, binary location, genesis may seem superfluous but are important if you want to run a node (nowhere else to get all this info in one place)
  • maybe home directory is a bit much
  • take everything from Sunny’s tm-network json
  • Denominations, fee denoms
  • Faucet URLs (for testsnets)
  • ETH TokenLists for Cosmos is needed too

Discusssion 2:

Best approaches for crawling the network, check if nodes are really active

  • Some tools are already out built by the community
  • Adam: relatively easy to get blacklisted by nodes on the P2P port
  • 26656 is usually the only port exposed. security reasons
  • 26657 usually not exposed because easily DoSed, but useful for any browser/webapp that needs to query stuff
  • 9090 GRPC mostly used for backends querying nodes, but needs batched requests
  • having a list of 5-6 publicly (i think he means all available ports?) available nodes really helps for ux.
  • Sunny really wants batched RPC requests on 9090, similar to GraphQL would be super useful, since for osmosis a lot of requests are necessary.

Future Topics:

  • Discuss what further items to include in the Registry (Sunny)